Our Book Compare

By Eliska and Stroud

Character Compare

Some of Catherine's Traits:

Catherine is very artistic and caring. I think that Catherine is very artistic because she always draws pretty pictures on Jason's word cards and she loves to draw pictures of people and other things. I also think that she is caring. I think that she is caring Because she is always kind to David and stands up for him. There are a lot of other adjectives that could describe Catherine, but these are a couple that really stood out to me.

Some of August's Traits:

There are very many traits that could describe August and here are some of them. In the beginning of the book August starts out middle school and is pretty introverted because he doesn't have many friends. Also lots of people do not want to be his friend. He is very tough because whenever some body does something mean he takes it pretty well and doesn't fight back.

How Catherine and August Are Similar:

Catherine and August might seem very different, but they are also similar. They are similar because they both are or have a older sister who is caring and stands up for them or for there younger brother who has a disability. They are also about the same age and they both have had a friend who has sort of betrayed them. August and Catherine also both want to fit in a little better at school, but that is very hard when you or someone else in your family has a disorder like a deformed face or autism. I think that they might seem different, but they actually are similar.

Conflict and Resulution Compare

Rules' Conflict and Resolution:

The conflict of Rules is that in the beginning of the book, Catherine only cares about her little brother who has autism becoming perfect. This is solved by Catherine learning to accept David for who he is. She starts to understand this in the middle of the book, but she really dose not fully understands it until the end.

Wonder's Conflict and Resolution:

The conflict of Wonder was when on Halloween when August decided to wear a different costume. When he walked into class Jack Will and Julian didn't know who he was. They started talking really bad about him and he got really sad because Jack Will was his best friend. The resolution happened when Jack Will and August got on email and starting talking and Jack Will said he was so sorry and that he really wanted to be his friend.

How these 2 conflicts and resolutions are similar:

These conflicts and resolutions are similar because in both books not very many people want to be friends with or be kind to David and August because they are not one hundred percent normal, I think that it is ok to not be perfect and I think that this is what both resolutions are about.

Theme Compare

Rules' Theme:

A lesson that you could learn from Rules is that it is ok to be different because nobody is the same. I think that this is the theme because, at the end of the book I think that Jason helps Catherine realize that nobody is exactly perfect and that is ok.

Wonder's Theme:

Is to never give up because August could have dropped out of school whenever he wants, and he didn't. He faced bullies and made it through the school with only a few friends to help along the way and that wasn't a problem to him.

How these 2 Themes relate to each other or a theme that we could learn from both books:

One theme that we could learn from both books is to Don't judge people from how they look, judge them by what is on the inside. I think that this is a theme that we could learn from both books because in Rules if Catherine had judged Jason because he was in a wheel chair, she would have spent her whole summer worrying about David not being perfect instead of having fun with Jason. You could learn this from Wonder because some people judge August by his face, and not who he is on the inside and the friends August has do opposite and see how nice and fun he is in the inside not the outside.

Some Examples of Prejudice or Mistreatment From Rules

One example of prejudice from Rules is when Kristi is rude to Catherine. Kristi is rude to Catherine because Catherine has a friend named Jason who is mute and is in a wheel chair and Kristi judges him because of this even though he is a kind person. An example of mistreatment is when Ryan makes David jump up and down and do other things to get a piece of gum, but when David finally gets it it's just an empty wrapper.

Some Examples of Prejudice or Mistreatment From Wonder

An example of prejudice from Wonder is when Julian and his mom judge August because he has a deformed face. I think that they are doing this because they just think that if people look different they are weird even though August is not. One example of when this happened was when Julian's mom photo shops August's face out of the school picture and sends it to the whole school.

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