Spanish Classes

Holy Rosary Regional School | Juan Diego Academy

Spanish Language Classes - Beginning October 19!

Thank you for your interest in taking Spanish classes. We will begin on Wednesday, October 19 from 4:00-5:30pm. These classes will continue throughout the school year. If there is enough interest, I will add another day per week as well.

Classes will be conducted primarily in Spanish, with specific dedicated time for questions to be answered in English. This will be an accelerated introductory course, in line with a college-level Spanish 101 and 102 course. You will learn not only how to help your child be successful in school, but also to read, write and communicate effectively in Spanish.

No books are required. I will be providing you with materials weekly, as well as useful links. Please have a notebook or iPad/laptop for class.

About Mrs. Nolting

For those of you who do not know me, this is my second year here at Holy Rosary, currently teaching 3rd & 4th grade. Prior to coming to Holy Rosary, I taught AP Spanish at Bellarmine Prep and Spanish I-IV at Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have taught Spanish at Washington State University, Brown University and Tacoma Community College. I hold a Masters degree in Hispanic Studies from Brown University and a Masters in Foreign Languages and Cultures from Washington State University. I am looking forward to this year's Spanish class!