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Slave Trade Inc.

The Slave Trade Incorporation Continues to Keep the Tradition Alive.

Come on down to the finest slave trading post in the world! You can choose from a variety of men, women, and children that we provide at some of our secluded locations in Europe, Elmina, Ghana, and Gorée, Senegal. We sell a range of different people, mainly from Africa, for a fair exchange of textiles, metalworks, tobacco, gunpowder, weapons, or even rum. These slaves will do anything that you ask of them, especially the labor that is needed on your plantations. They can even become your very own exotic household servants to do all your tedious chores! We work mostly with the Europeans because of our many locations in Europe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach anywhere else! We round up our captives, through a game of cat and mouse, and will be able to deliver them to anywhere in the world. This is because we are associated, and a working contributor to the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade makes it easier for our deliveries to be made. Africa is usually the place where we will have our slaves ready to be traded for the goods of the European merchants. We then ship these people to the Americas, through the Middle Passage. They are then thrown below the decks of the ships that they are in, ready to be brought to their new owners. To insure the efficiency of the deliveries, we will bound your purchases with ropes and shackles, so that they don’t escape or try to kill themselves. This doesn’t always work, but if it doesn’t, we can assure you that a new slave will be provided to you for FREE. Through our business, we will insure the success of your port cities. The work that we do will also bring wealth to merchants and traders everywhere, and it will provide much needed labor that will help the economies grow. So, come on down to the posts today, and check out our top of the line slave-trade industry!

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Post hours:

4 AM - 10 PM (Monday-Friday)

2 AM - 12 PM (Saturday)

7 AM - 2 Pm (Sunday)