Just Plain Creepy-

Fiction and nonfiction that will make you squirm

Teen Book Lists-

Not sure about what to read? Need some ideas to help you get started? The Teen Book Lists binder is a great place to start! Located in the fiction section of the library, it has lots of lists from many genres. Looking for a list of books not included in the binder? Let us know and we can put one together for you.

and remember, magazines are always available for check out!
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The Christopher Killer-

On the payroll as an assistant to her coroner father, seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney uses her knowledge of forensic medicine to catch the killer of a friend while putting herself in terrible danger.
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With the help of Dr. Allen Parker, special agent Julia Matheson attempts to find the terrorists who have created an Ebola virus that only harms individuals with specific DNA and stop them from releasing it.
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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies-

An adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice," in which Meryton is overrun with zombies and Elizabeth Bennet does what must be done to rid the world of the flesh-eating fiends, but she is distracted by the arrival of Mr. Darcy, a rich man who harbors an air of arrogance.
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The Hot Zone-

Tells the dramatic story of U.S. Army scientists and soldiers who worked to stop the outbreak of a deadly and extremely contagious virus in 1989.