Kelsey: A Writer

Reflections of an 11 year old

I'm a Writer Who....

Yes, writing is fun for me, but I make it even more fun by putting every bit of feeling and emotion into it. The things that I write about are personal and meaningful to me because that's how I make myself proud of my writing. It's a way for me to express my feelings in everyday life and it makes me feel great and become more confident.

A Memorable Expirence

Last year a friend and I wrote a poem together and we both felt the same way about writing, it was about finding who you are in the world and what your purpose is in the world. I remember the moment we finished reading it to the class, I heard applause and I can't remember a moment I was more confident in my life and after that I always wanted to write. I write in journals and on the computer. Since that day, every time I sit down to write I think of that moment.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • Organization
  • Study habits
  • Get faster at typing

About Me

I love to draw and play music in my free time. I have 2 dogs and I adore them, they complete my life. I play soccer and I love to stay active.