Solar Energy

BY Daeshaun


SOLAR ENERGEY CAN HEAT water pipes or the air ventalation shown here


PHOTOVOLTAIC cells convert sunlight into electricity semi conductores transfer electricity into light


Solar thermal heat changes the tempartur

WEBSITE: Alliant Energy kids

SOLAR energy is a latin word for sun also solar energy is a renewable sorce that cant be created or destroyed

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20% of people use solar energy when sun light hits the cells it knocks the cells of balance
this energy will not cause pollution to the earth if used a lot


SOME reasons solar energy can be hard to uses because the cost solar panels cost thousands of dollars also because of cloudy when its rare for the sun to come out and shine light non the panels

Website: Eia Energy kids

Photovoltaic cells are made by a nonechanical divice usually made from silicon alloys theas cells Carry solar energy when photons strike photovoltaic cells they absorb or get reflected and pass threw the photons only the absorbs cells can creat energy