CMS Christmas Events

Join the Fun


Sign up for your Elfster account and join our "Secret Santa" fun. Register by the end of the day on Monday, 12/7. After that, I'll hit the button and everyone will be assigned a random SS. You can give a 1 time gift on 12/16 or you can leave several small gifts throughout the week and see if your recipient can guess who you are. Please, no more than $15 total.

Bring Your Favorite Holiday Snack To Work Day on 12/10

On Thursday, 12/10, bring your favorite Christmas snack with you when you come to work. Set it up in the Tiger's Den and then let the eating begin. We'll leave them out all day, play some Christmas music and maybe even loop "White Christmas", "Elf" or another great movie on the Promethean Board. Treats can be sweet or savory..........your choice.

Chinese Gift Exchange at Luigi's on 12/17 from 4pm - whenever

This is the highlight of the Christmas season. Bring a funny or nice gift with you (no more than $20), but watch out. You might get the gift you really want, and if you get it too soon, someone might steal it. To help you, remember this. "after steal 3, the gift belongs to me"

Please RSVP using the link below. Even if you don't eat, come and join the fun.

And Just for Fun..............Elf Yourself

You've all probably seen this before, but it looks like they've added some new moves. Have some fun with your friends and family...........and be sure to share.