This Week in 2nd Grade

January 13, 2019


Shalom! Our class was SO happy to be reunited today! The smiles, giggles, and conversations were priceless. This is such a special group and I love how close they have become. If you haven't had a chance yet, please consider sending your child to one of our youth group events and/or arranging a playdate with one of our classmates who doesn't attend "regular" school with your child. Building a strong sense of community and belonging for the kids at Temple Jeremiah has already started. :)

After hearing the highlight of everyone's Winter Break, we attended Music with Cantor Friedman where we sang songs about Tu B'Shevat. When we returned to our room, we recorded everything we know already about the holiday and started talking about what we want to learn about it next week. Ask your child if s/he remembers what Tu B'Shevat celebrates. For an extra challenge, ask what "Tu B'Shevat" means. (Hint: It has to do with when we celebrate the holiday every year.)

We also went into the sanctuary and sat on the bimah to read our next magazine, "The Torah". Please take a moment to reread the magazine with your child at home this week. We talked about who Abraham, Isaac, Moses and Miriam were. See if your child can remember (Hints: first Jew, someone's son, God gave him the Torah and 10 Commandments, and Moses' sister). We also had a lengthy conversation about why the Torah is written on parchment instead of paper. Ask your child why. I'm sure they remember this one! :)

After reviewing the Hebrew letters we've learned so far, we added a new letter to our repertoire. Some of us learned lamed, some mem, and some caf. Next week, we'll continue to rotate groups until the kids have a chance to learn all of them. Ask your child which letter s/he learned today.

Finally, we recorded our "wonders" (questions) for Cantor Friedman who is coming for a private visit next week. We are so excited to spend time with her and find out all about how to become a cantor, her favorite song, her family, and more! Hopefully everyone will be able to attend school next week for this special visit.

Have a great week!

Jennifer Bruns


As you may recall, Temple Jeremiah hosted Family Promise over Winter Break. One family was housed in our classroom. The kids had made cards and hung them on the board for the family. I have been doing this for several years and this is a phenomenal first... When we walked in our room this morning, the family who stayed in our room had left our class a note. Your kids are so proud of how their one little mitzvah had such a big impact on other people. I've included the note here for you to share again with your student. Full hearts all around for sure!

A special shout out to Nataly and Libbi who volunteered for Family Promise! They shared with all of us how much they enjoyed playing in the Youth Lounge with all the kids. If you weren't able to participate this time, you'll have another chance this summer when Temple Jeremiah hosts another group of Family Promise participants! For more information, follow this link:

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This week's Mitzvah Madness is an easy one, so hopefully everyone will remember to participate! The note from our Family Promise visitors definitely had the kids eager to try! Nothing puts a smile on someone's face quite like a special picture from a friend or relative!


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With over $186, we have made it up to the next tzedakah graphing sheet already! Please remember to help your child find ways to earn their own money to donate for tzedakah. Every little bit counts! :) This month's tzedakah is going to an organization called Share Our Spare to help supply infant necessities for families in need. You can learn more about Share Our Spare at