53 Boxes of Joy Needed!

Deadline Extended to Noon on Wednesday!

We had commitments to fill 200 boxes--but now are short 53 boxes. If you haven't turned your box in yet, please do so by Noon on Wednesday, November 6 at Aquin High School!

If you want to help, but don't have an 'Official Box of Joy', don't despair.

Just fill a plastic shoebox (97ยข at Walmart) and click here to view the list of suggested items to pack in your 'Box of Joy'.

God bless those who have brought their filled boxes already--and anyone who is bringing one in tomorrow!

Get in the Christmas Gifting Spirit Early!

The Box of Joy program is a Christmas gift outreach organized by local Catholic schools, parishes and groups nationwide. By packing a Box of Joy with toys and other gifts, you can bless a child suffering from extreme poverty by sharing the joy of Christmas and planting seeds of hope through the Gospel.

In our first year, Aquin Junior High filled 50 boxes, last year we filled 142 boxes (our goal was 125). This year our goal is 200--WE CAN DO IT! Once filled, Aquin will send these boxes to impoverished children in Latin America.

If you have any questions, please contact our 'Box of Joy' Coordinator, Andrea Ege at 815-291-7864 or ohboys04@gmail.com.

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