Is Tummy Time For You?

Devin Parker and Joy Layton

To know why tummy time is important first you need to know what tummy time is.

Tummy time is placing a baby on his or her stomach while awake and supervised.

Now we get to why Tummy Time is IMPORTANT!!!

tummy time is important because it helps the baby develop a strong head, neck and shoulder muscles and promote certain motor skills. Tummy time can also prevent the back of the babies head from becoming flat (positional physiologically).

Things that can happen without enough tummy time.

Guaranteed to help baby have a strong head and spinal cord!

Frequently asked Questions

1.How do babies react to tummy time?

2.How to teach your baby tummy time?

3.How often should I tummy time?

4.What is the importance of tummy time?

5.When is the baby old enough for tummy time?

There is never not enough Time for TUMMY TIME!!!