The Son of Neptune

Skyler Gallaher


Percy wakes up one day not knowing anything about himself except that his name is Percy and only remembers another person named Annabeth. During the story he travels with characters Hazel and Frank to stop death from being unleashed

List of Characters

Percy Jackson - Son of Poseidon

Hazel - Daughter of Pluto

Frank Zhang - Son of Mars

Reyna - Legionnaire at camp Jupiter

Thanatos - Greek god of Death

Mars - Roman god of war

Octavian - a Faun

Character Analysis for Percy Jackson

Trait 1: Athletic

Evidence: It says every morning he runs to stay conditioned during battle

Trait 2: Very Skilled Swordsman

Evidence: During a camp training session he beats many people in a one on one situation.

Quote from or about character:

"Hazel took the story from there. She described Percy as brave and Heroic."


The theme of the book is to always be brave no matter what situation you are in.

Important Event:

An important event is when Percy arrives at camp he meets all new people and potential allies in which he can trust with having lost his memory.


I recommend this book to people who like Roman and Greek Mythology and Adventure because this book has a lot of interesting adventures and facts about Mythology.