Marilyn Monroe

By: Allison Brummer

The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962. She was 36 when she died. Monroe was found in her bedroom of her Brentwood home. Marilyn was found on her bed with a pill bottle next to her. The police say that she died of an overdose. Whether the overdose was a suicide or murder we don't know.
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Many people covered Monroe's death. "The Daily Mirror", " Daily News", and "New York Telegram" are all examples of sources. The media covered all angles of the issue. They described the death as a suicide and murder. Informing the public that Monroe grew up with a troubled life. Including her mom being diagnosed with schizophrenia and her marriage failing leading her into a depression all helped the public lean towards the suicide option.
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Different Opinions

No one really knows how Marilyn Monroe died. The topic is disputable because the timeline of the event has holes in it. The opinion that Monroe died is backed up because there was rumor that Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with the two Kennedy brothers. They say that Monroe was smothered with a pillow because the brothers didn't want Monroe to ruin their reputation. The suicide route is a little more believable. Marilyn grew up in foster care because of her mother's illness. Marilyn could have committed suicide because of her distressed past.
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When the media was covering Monroe's death they never truly covered the whole story. The reason for this is because no one really knows what happened. The media reported what they personally thought about the event. They did report both sides but they were more persuasive about one. The unfortunate part of this event is no one came clean about the event if they did murder her. They just left her death to be a suicide.

My Opinion

The Marilyn Monroe death is a conspiracy and we will never know what happened. With all the evidence that was in the hands of the police including the recording of Marilyn arguing with someone on the phone the night she was found dead leads me to believe that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. The killer could have injected her with the drugs and placed the pill bottle next to her body to make it look like a suicide. In 1962 they obviously did not have the technology that we have now and there was no way in knowing whether someone forced those drugs into her system. The ruling that the death was a suicide is wrong and should have been further investigated.