Join Interact Club!

Volunteer & Fundraising Every Tuesday @ 7:30 AM in room 321

What we do:

  • Winter Formal for Charity
  • International Fair
  • Illinois Food Bank
  • Reading at Carle Hospital
  • Doing artsy stuff for American Cancer Society
  • RYLA Camp
  • Bake Sales
  • Leaf Raking / Snow Shoveling
  • Face Painting on Halloween @ the Mall
  • EIF Collections
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Ideas are endless, join now and let us hear your voice.

What's it good for?

A club great for getting to know your peers, getting connections, and giving back to the community! Join now and let us hear your voice!

Field trip!

After a long year of working hard, we reward ourselves with a field trip to somewhere in Illinois! We've been to Kickapoo and Arrowheads so far.