Makes the Respiratory System Worse

How you can Develope Asthma

You can develope asthma by environmental factors (natural causes), from heredity (being born with it) or even from the combination of the two.

Asthma Symptoms

Common symptoms of asthma are wheezing, coughing, shortage of breathing, fast or heavily breathing. There are rare symptoms of asthma as well. One is anxiety or having a difficult time concentrating.

Asthma Affects

Asthma affects the Respiratory system, mainly the lungs and the airways that deliver the air to the lungs (bronchi and trachea). It makes the trachea and the bronchi's airways tighten or encloses. A long term affect can be diminished lung infection, if your three or under and wheezing, and if your an adult with diminished lung infection you will have a reduced air flow.

Asthma Controlling

There are items that can control asthma, like the ones it put under this.