Croatan Sound

The most beautiful of the sounds (biased opinion)

The beautiful Croatan Sound

The Sound is located near Roanoke Island and Manns Harbor. Estuaries are important because they protect baby fish before the go adventure in the big ocean and they provide abundant amounts of food.

Croatan Sound

Wednesday, March 16th, 9pm

The Outer Banks

The Croatan sound was given its name by the Croatan Indians that inhabited the area at one time. Animals such as river herring, flounder, shrimp, sea turtles, and egrets all enjoy living in the Sound.

Threats to the Croatan Sound

Changing of the surrounding area can be harming to the Sound. Global warming also causes sea levels to rise and that can put stress on the estuaries. Too many nutrients can also be a threat.


Waterways that feed into the Sound...

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