Copyright Laws

Dont Use Stuff Without Permission


Dont use stuff without your permssion becuase using pictures, music, videos, etc. without the owners permission is against the law

Copyright law

If you take someones work off the internet and use it as your own then you can face charges if the owner of the work that you stole wants to sue you and or press charges, but thats only if you post some product on tv saying heres a pearbook when you are clearly using a macbook with an apple logo on it then you can get into some serious issues with the law and the apple company. But if you make like a powerpoint and post it online and you use like someones photoshopped pic of them as an example then you could just get an email saying to take down the pic o that person and if you do it then problem resolved.


Q:How do i know that i copyrighted someones work:

A:When you go on the internet and use a pic that you found on the internet like google images

Q:Is it illegal to copyright

A:Yes because you stole someone elses work

Q:How do i avoid copyright

A:You can find a pic on the internet and then ask the owner can you use their work or you can use the owners work if you go into photoshop and edit it to make it look like you made it.