Don’t Go A Day Without Your Phone!

TelcoWorld can typically repair a mobile phone in less than 24 hours

Melbourne, VIC: Did you know that nearly 33% of smartphone users are walking around with some sort of damaged handset? Whether it’s cosmetic damage, like a cracked screen, a defective number pad, or faulty volume controls, many smartphone users simply don’t bother to have what they perceive as minor problems repaired.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that smaller problems have a tendency to become bigger issues, which may take your smartphone out of commission permanently, as well as causing a variety of other problems, small and large.

5 Reasons To Repair Your Smartphone Screen:

  1. Glass shards from a cracked screen can cut your fingers.
  2. Can cause display problems over time, such as dark spots, discolorations, and backlit malfunctions.
  3. A cracked screen can let moisture inside your handset.
  4. A compromised handset can lead to permanent damage to your device, as well as running the risk of losing valuable data.
  5. You might have to go longer without your phone, once the damage has become more severe.

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to replace those cosmetic damages to your cellphone, now’s the time! With modern life becoming more and more dependent on mobile technology, we can’t afford to live without our phones for long. With TelcoWorld, you won’t have to!

TelcoWorld can accomplish most common repairs in 24-hours, or less, using original manufacturer parts! Repairs can be done even faster, by scheduling your repair in advance. Pre-scheduled repairs completed on the same day you drop off your handset.

TelcoWorld Has Over 10 Years Experience With:

  • Water damaged phones
  • (Amazing 95% Success Rate!)
  • iPhone and iDevice Screen Replacement
  • Smart Phone Touch Screen Repairs
  • Whole Unit Replacements
  • Speaker and Microphone Replacements
  • Fixing Cosmetic Damage
  • And much much more!
TelcoWorld specialize in repairing all major cellphone brands, so if you’re looking for mobile repair in Melbourne, let us help you today!

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TelcoWorld Corp is Your Local Telstra Dealer & Melbourne Mobile Phone Repairs Specialist.