An Interview with Ms. Rawlinson

by Sarah Auge

Texas A&M to Richland High School

Ms. Rawlinson graduate with a masters degree in education and a bachelors degree in history.

She teaches 11th grade U.S. History and coaches the JV volleyball team. This is Ms. Rawlinson's 3rd year teaching and she's "loved every minute of it"

more about ms. Rawlinson

ms. Rawlinson teaches 11th grade and coaches the jv volleyball team.

she teaches U.S. history

during the coaching period that i watched, i learned that she cares very much about her athletes and treats them with respect.

she works around 60 hours a week including classroom time and coaching time.

the biggest challenges that she faces is time management of outside commitments.

the biggest reward that she gets from her job is changing students lives.