Learn From Your Decisions

By: Jada Hill , Quadajah Allen , and Katey Stamey


For my class we are learning about the crusades and were told to write a narrative that could relate to times back then. We decided to write about how one night we wanted to hangout with some guys that weren't the best of people. So we ended up running from the police and other things.

The main part of our story

Even though we were all walking together and we were all doing the same things. The police only stopped the African american boys we were with and even though they let me keep walking i got questioned before i could walk but the white people we were with didn't get in trouble or questioned.

Crusades And Our Night Relate

The crusades punished the people that didn't go by what they wanted and they judged people based on what they believed. That night we were all doing the same thing but the police judged the boys and just assumed that they were up to something.
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Prejudice & Discrimination: Crash Course Psychology #39