Rights in the 1900s

Discrimination and Women's Rights

How has Discrimination Affected and Shaped America's Past?

African Americans were strongly discriminated against in the 1900s. In the 1900s if you had a skin color darker than white you were discriminated against. They used to have two of everything one for the dark's and one for the white's. The white's always had the nicer things such as separate schools, libraries, restaurants, water bubblers, etc. African Americans were always treated poorly no matter what. They were last in line when it came to bus stops. They had to let whites sit in front of the bus and the African Americans had to sit in the way back, which was way more poor quality.
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There is discrimination currently.

To this day, there is still discrimination. In America, often times we hear people say "Terrorist" to the Muslim race, and "They have bombs" to the Arabs.

But it isn't always just them, you hear people say "Racist" to the white people.

Some jobs will not hire you if you are a different color, or race. When you are trying to get a job and fill out a application you have to state your race.

Discrimination Around The Globe.

Discrimination hasn't changed around the world, some women in the work force get paid less than men such as jobs like accountants, real estate agents, factories, ect. Even when men and women are in the same job position, women get plaid less.

Also, age discrimination is another biggy, when you are younger, and a boy they assume you have more "life" in you so they will put you to work longer than they would an older man.

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The woman is lower paid, and the man is higher paid.
It is showing that they are both business or in the work field, and are getting paid different.
People discriminate other people based on there appearances often. If a kid shows up to school wearing a turbine or they are Muslim so they could be a terrorist. They may not want to be around you and treat you differently. If a kid was slightly bigger and maybe a little weird then maybe nobody would want to be seen with them. Maybe if your parents did not go to college then other people would assume you won't either and judge you.

Women's Rights

In the 1900s women gained the right to vote. Before this women were not allowed to vote. In the 1970s women and girls gained the right to be publicly educated. In 1903 the national women's trade union league is established to advocate for improved wages and working conditions for women.

How are Women Treated Differently than Men in America Currently?

Women often get treated differently than men in the workforce. Women sometimes won't get hired simply because of their gender. These days people are more discrete about it though. Women will not get paid the same amount as men either. If a woman and a man applied for the same job and they're resumes were identical then the woman would get offered a lower salary for the job. If a man got offered 30,000 dollars as a yearly salary then a woman would get paid maybe 25,000 dollars recent studies have shown.

How are women treated differently around the world currently?

Currently Islamic women are not allowed to leave their household unless accompanied by a man. If they do leave then they will be severely punished. In Asian countries like China and Japan women are expected to be good house wives. Some also don't have the power to freely choose who they want to marry.

Current women's rights activists

Samar Badawi, a Saudi Arabian women's rights activist was recently put into jail for running her jailed husbands twitter account and used it for helping spread women's rights awareness. The Afghan government is working on getting women involved with the deciding of the countries future. Activists in Afghanistan strongly support the idea of getting women a spot in the seats of the Afghan government.

Connections to the novel "Make Lemonade"

There are connections between these two subjects and the novel "make lemonade." In the novel Jolly is treated differently by her boss because she is a girl and gets sexually abused. Jolly tries to make complaints and file reports but gets declined because she is a girl. This is an example of both Discrimination and women's rights.
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