problems with sports in schools.

By Tai Nguyen


Some schools have actually gotten rid of sports unfairly. There are a lot of benefits in sports though. But there is always downsides to something good and here are some downsides. Sports in schools are filled with benefits for the students.

There are so many benefits to sports in schools which include Academics. Most people think that sports would affect students grades negatively but a survey showed that a student athlete has an average of 2.84 GPA and a non athlete has an average of a 2.68 GPA. Also an athlete misses only 7.4 days of school on average but a non athlete misses 8.8 days of school on average. some of the reasons for that is when you are on a team your teammates are counting on you and also you do not want to miss practice.

The heath benefits of sports in schools.

There are some other benefits, like your Health. When you are active it will make you healthier supposed to not being active at all which will force you to eat healthy in order to stay healthy.

The neat benefit there is for sports in schools is teamwork. When you are playing team sports you must work together to complete that certain task whether it may be scoring a touchdown shooting a goal etc. Team work can build skills to help someone become a fireman or say a businessman because in life you are always going to be working with other people and teamwork is a skill you must have to be able to work with others well.


Overall sports in schools have many benefits in life that are great lessons and skills. which include teamwork hard work and perseverance.


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