New Year New You!

You hold the key

Welcome to 2016!

We have entered a new year and the clock starts anew!

This is the time when everyone makes a new resolution of things to do. How often are those actually accomplished?

Typical resolutions, lose weight, stop smoking, pay off bills/debt, save money, travel,etc How are you going to go about doing these things? What are you going to do differently now

I say DON'T make a resolution make a choice!

I say choose to do something that is going to make you smile, feel good and happy.

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Gather your friends and family and enjoy all the moments that you create as special memories. Each opportunity can be as exciting as you want it to be.

Create your own joy and don't wait for others to create it - they can't.

Follow your dreams, your passion and live!

Make the path that you follow one that you create.

Take that bucket list out and start checking off boxes, smile, laugh and have fun!

Do things that you've dreamed about, plan how to make them your reality.

I am, one step at a time!

Start small and work your way through it. Be proud of the goals achieved as you forge ahead.

You are unstoppable!

That's right, unstoppable.

No matter the debt, crisis, limited funds, you are what makes you happy.

Celebrate and revel in you!

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Each of us have it within. For some it's close to the surface, for others it may have become buried by life, the struggle and challenges we face.

Dig for it, bring it up and out.

Use it to guide you, keep you focused on what it important to you.

Don't allow your inner strength to go unused.

Don't save it for times of turmoil.

Do allow it to help you achieve those goals that you've set, forgotten about and those yet to be made.



Reach for it

Exhale when needed

Narrate your story

Give yourself praise

Thank those along the way

Have a hell of a good time

I challenge you to step out on your comfort zone.

I challenge you to defy the naysayers.

I challenge you to make your dreams come true.

I challenge to you try it.

I Dare You!

In 2016...

I am determined to do what makes me happy.

I will help others.

I will not be afraid to say No!

I will enjoy my life.

I will of myself what I can, as I see fit.