The Importance of Design

What makes design important in our society?

What are different types of design?

The different types of design can consist of various objects, such as a website, a billboard, a magazine, a pamphlet, a poster, a book cover, only to name a few. Design can also be used for advertising companies, movies, games, and so much more.

Where is design applied and used?

Design can be seen anywhere, from the clothes you buy, to the juice box your kids drink. When creating a design, or packaging for an item, the designers have to think about what to put on the artwork. The have to incorporate different techniques in order to acquire input from their customers and clients.

One of the most important aspects of design is the color. Certain colors can bestow emotions upon the customer. Depending on the different styles, and different hues of the color, the emotion can change within the customer.

Different colors do different things:

Red- Red can inspire a sweet, innocent feel when mixed with a white.

Red can also inspire a more darker emotional feel when mixed with a black.

Green- Lighter greens can demonstrate harmony, and nature.

Darker greens can represent stability, and safety.

Blue- Lighter blues can show serenity, peace and security.

A darker hue of blues can actually suppress a person's appetite.

Purple- Lighter shades are smooth and feminine, and can cause a romantic feel.

Darker shades have a heavier feel and can feel instability and uneasiness.

Yellow- Light yellows happiness, joy and freshness.

Dark hues of yellow are usually associated with cation.

White- While colors are one of the purest colors. White colors can mean clarity, cleanliness, and openness.

Black- Black is the other of the pure colors, or lack of color. Black can mean power, elegance, and mystery.