Villains Strike Back!

What will happen?

The end of the super heros final face off on an alian planet!

Demon and Fire strike made a video and sent it out to the whole planet about what they did. Demon had all the super heros put into cages with their weeknesses so he can get them back to his planet and be able to take over the Earth. They forgot about two superheros that was always hidden untill there was truble. Their names Telahead and Speedy. When the villains were ready they took the super hero's cages and flew to the planet. When the villains got there they were not ready for the attacks of Telahead and Speedy. Fire strike through a huge bolder at telehead but she telaported to the side. Demon flew over to telahead and used his super strength and punched her and she flew into outer space. Fire strike through fire balls at speedy and so while she was distracted using her super speed to dodge them Demon grabbed her and Fire strike picked her up and through her into outer space them both knowing that now they can take over the world and use the super heros they captured to help.