St Anthony's School News

Term 2: 23rd June 2022

Acknowledgement of Country

St Anthony’s School acknowledges Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the traditional custodians of lands, waterways and skies across Australia.

We thank you for sharing and caring for the land we learn and play on.

We pay our respects to Elders, and we share our friendship and kindness.

Our Vision Statement

St Anthony's School community works collaboratively to teach and live the values of Christ. While respecting tradition, and to meet the demands of a rapidly changing society, it strives to educate our children to their full potential.

Message from the Principal

Prayer for Community

Our Schools need the support of all parents. Each one has

his or her unique contribution to make; some special quality

that can help build a community that really cares for children.

Let us pray that all parents will experience a sense of warmth

and welcome, and that there will be a rich sharing of ideas,

talents and enthusiasm as together we go about our work of

helping our children to grow and learn.


‘Students in schools where a strong parent/staff relationship exists achieve better outcomes. We each have a responsibility to work cooperatively and to support each other for the wellbeing and development of our children.’

Dear Parents, Carers, Students and Community Members,

Another term is coming to an end and the first semester has quickly disappeared. I know that the students and staff are looking forward to the break so that they can recharge their batteries and come back refreshed for the final semester of 2022. Semester 2 brings so many interesting educational and sacramental activities. I wish all of our families in our St Anthony’s community a relaxing and healthy two weeks of school holidays.

Many of our students and staff came on the weekend and participated in the 90th Year celebration of our parish in the annual St Anthony’s Day mass and procession. The cold and wet weather didn’t prevent us from having a great day and showing our support for our St Anthony’s Parish.

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This week the Scholastic Book Fair has been operating in the library. Thank you to Mrs Moynihan for coordinating this. It is an excellent opportunity for families to purchase books at very reasonable prices.

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Last night, we held our annual Family Night. This is an opportunity for our friends and families to visit our classrooms and be involved in some of the learning at school. Children whose parents are involved in their learning are more likely to succeed. This can occur by attending events such as these, spending time reading with your child, supporting learning at school or discussing learning and goals with your child. Thanks to those who attended and made a difference in their child’s learning! Thank you to the P&F for catering and to all staff for the efforts required to prepare and present the classrooms and activities. If you have any feedback on the evening and would like to put forward some suggestions for future planning, please send your ideas to

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Around the school, we have been making a few changes. The Kindy/Pre-Primary undercover has been finished, and the new monkey bars (purchased by the P&F) have been installed ready for our Year 1 and 2 students to use. These changes will benefit our students and add another dimension to our school for the well-being and benefit of all.

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We are pleased to have launched a new school website and a St Anthony's School Facebook page. Our families look for the information they need the most in these two formats. The St Anthony's School website and Facebook page are vital to our overall communication plan: they compile all of the most important information about our school in one central place where it is always accessible. They are also great places to showcase our school to the Wanneroo community and beyond. and

Mrs King, Mrs Salsano and I have had the pleasure of meeting many of our 2023 Kindy students. The common theme with these interactions has been how wonderful our school is and how well-mannered and polite our students are. We look forward to these families joining our St Anthony's Community.

Next week, the students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 will receive their Semester 1 Reports. Please take the time to read these reports with your child. Reading reports with your child is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate their achievements and discuss all the wonderful activities they have engaged in over the semester. It is also a time when you are able to talk to your child about goals for the coming semester and areas they may need to improve.

God Bless

Nicole Crosthwaite

Short-Term Principal

Events to Remember


  • Friday 24th June - NIPSSA Cross Country - Years 2 to 6
  • Saturday/Sunday 25th/26th June - Holy Communion Commitment Masses
  • Friday 1st July - last day of Term 2 for staff and students

St Anthony's Way Awards

Awarded at Monday's assembly:

Braxton Noyes, Mia Chambers, Edyne Antonio, Esmae McComas, Charlie Nolan, Emerson Briggs, Kaija Rigali, Viera Perez, Jaxon Tedesco, Nicholas Lenzo, Stephanie Powell, Kayla Weston, Skyla Rigali, Louisa Beverland, Mealamu Edwards, Ava Augustin, Kai Hooper, Sebastian Rigali, Saanvi Krishna, Mitchell McComas, Noah Franulovich, Ethan Ojogwu, Milla Ewen, Sahara Samardali, Hamish Burnett-Smith, Nina Berlingeri, Lucas Foxcroft, Zachary Dixon, Lennon Power, Oliver Jones, Andrea Ke, Stirling Hughes, Amelia Hicks, Shane Long, Sophie Langullah, Mitchell Swyny, Flynn Baxter, Makayla Carr, Grace Allen, Vraj Patel, Priya Singh Sanghara, Jaxon Searle, Isla Foppoli.

Bronze Award

Ciaran Arbuckle, Max O’Keeffe, Robyn Doherty .

Silver Award

Aria Funes, Abby Muni, Rehaan Khapra, Isabel Walker.


St Anthony’s School utilises the SEQTA Engage Parent Portal for parents to access student reports for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 at the end of each semester. If you have not already done so, please log in to SEQTA Engage to ensure you are able to access your child's report.

To do this you need to go to the following site: and use your current username and password. This link is also found on the homepage of the school website under Quick Links.

If you have remembered your username but have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot your Password?" link and an immediate email will be sent to you. The password reset link in the email will expire within one hour, so please action this immediately.

If you have forgotten both of these, then please contact the school and we can remind you of your username.

Reports will be available from Wednesday 29th June via the portal.

Thank you

Kate Gellé

Covid-19 Information and Updates

Kindergarten 2023

If you have a child that is due to commence Kindy in 2023 and have not yet lodged an application, please do so as soon as possible as there are only a few spots left. Forms can be obtained on our website, from the front office or click on the link below.

3+ Semester 2

We will now be running a second 3+ day on a Thursday in Semester 2. This is a full day program and runs from 9:00am – 2:30pm. If your child is turning 3 from the start of July 2022 or is already 3 and you are interested in more details, please contact Gill in the front office on 9303 7500.


Our primary focus for the 3+ Program is creating a smooth transition from home to the school environment and ensuring your child feels safe and happy in our care.

Our program is based on The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and aims to encourage children to form new friendships and develop their emotional, social, physical and cognitive skills in preparation for kindergarten.

Activities include singing and dancing, stories and a range of sensory, play based and craft activities. Outdoor play and snack time provide opportunities for socialisation and belonging. The children are encouraged to make their own choices, foster independence and express their creativity as much as possible.

Faith in Action

Value of the Week

The value for this week is for all of us to be United

It's important that we need to treat others in our school community the way they want to be treated. Remember who you are. You are unique and you are special.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In other words, if you want to be treated with kindness, be kind to others.

Sienna Punter

I am in 4G, and I want everyone to treat me fairly and with respect.

Aidan El Rhazouani

I am in 1G, and I want everyone to treat me with respect and know that I am a good friend.

Taj Barralet

I am in 3G, and I want everyone to treat me kindly. I also want people to be honest with me and not talk behind my back.

Aleyah Payne

I am in 2B, and I want everyone to treat me with love.

Confirmation Certificate Weekend

Saturday 25th June at 6pm and Sunday 26th June at 7.30am, 9am or 6pm or the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of July.

Fr Peter or Fr Leonard will present the candidates with a gift from the parish and their certificate. You can attend any of these masses.

This weekend, 25th and 26th June our Year 4 students will attend one of the four masses to show their commitment to making their First Holy Communion.

Sacramental Dates

  • Friday 22nd July – Whole School Mass (Year 1 Hosting)
  • August - Bishops Literacy Assessment TBC
  • Wednesday 10th August - Sacrament of Holy Communion Parent/Child Workshop
  • Monday 15th August – Assumption of Mary Whole School Liturgy (Pre-Primary to Year 6) (Year 6 hosting)
  • Tuesday 23rd August/Wednesday 24th August – Year 4 Reconciliation (Church) 9.45am TBC
  • Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August - Sacrament of Holy Communion
  • Friday 2nd September – Fathers’ Day Mass/Breakfast
  • Saturday 17th/ Sunday 18th September– Commitment Mass -Sacrament of Reconciliation

Go in Peace

Caroline Clinch

Short-term Assistant Principal

St Anthony's Early Childhood Charter

"Children’s diverse cultures and experiences need to be embraced and respected within the classroom".

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Year 2 News

Year 2 have also been learning all about materials and engineering in Technology and Enterprise. First we looked at the playgrounds in the school and decided what we liked and what would improve them. Then we looked at different playgrounds online and tried to design something that would be amazing to play on. Then when a bus load of egg visitors turned up, we had the challenge of designing and building a swing that would hold an egg person! This is preparing us for working with different materials and joining techniques because next week we are making our own playground!

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Year 2 RE News

The church is a special place for God’s family to gather. When we are in church we show respect to God, this is called reverence. In their Kagan teams, students created a triorama of St Anthony’s Church. They included an altar with a Bible, chalice and ciborium (bowl for the Eucharist). Students also included a crucifix, a tabernacle and a Baptismal font.

St Anthony's Day Fun Day

Last Monday, the Year Six student leaders ran a fun day to celebrate St Anthony's Day. They organised a range of physical activities to get younger students active and feeling a sense of belonging. All students in the school seemed to get lots of enjoyment out of the day. It was great to see the Year Sixes so engaged in their roles as servant leaders. It was also lovely to see that the Year Fives are already taking responsibility for guiding younger students in their roles as buddies to the Pre-Primaries.

Wheelchairs for Kids

Thank you to all the bread tag collectors. As you can see the collection is coming along nicely. Let’s see how many we can get by the end of the year! This helps the organisation “ Wheelchairs for Kids”.

Please drop off at the office or to Mrs Shenton in Kindy.

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Student Wellbeing

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Medical News

Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to remind you all again to keep any child home that is unwell. This is standard practise.

We have been sending home a large number of children that have either a runny nose, headache, sore throat, persistent cough or an upset stomach. While the child may not have COVID these are all symptoms of the virus, and I would strongly urge you have your child tested, with either a PCR test or a RATs test at home. If positive, then your child needs to isolate for 7 days.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Warmest wishes,

Aleisha Raby

School Nurse

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School Photos

Big picture
School Photos will be taken on:

Monday 1st August 2022

Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Family Photos will be taken each morning before school:
• Envelopes can be obtained from the office.
• Family envelopes and payments should be handed to the photographers on photo day.
• Family photos cannot be ordered online.

The expiry date for online ordering is the Monday 8th August. Any orders received after this date will incur a $30.00 archive fee.

St Anthony's New Uniforms 2023

As of 2023, in collaboration with the School Advisory Council, St Anthony's School has decided to introduce a new uniform for students entering Year 1 in 2023. We envisage that by 2025 every student will be in the new uniforms.

Much of the work to update and streamline our school uniform was done in 2019/20, but implementation was deferred due to COVID. In acknowledging rising costs for parents, the students will wear the new uniform all year round. Long pants in Terms 2 and 3 will be optional for boys and girls.

These uniforms will be on display in the office and the quad for the remainder of the term.

Uniform Shop

Online Ordering (Preferred Method of Ordering)
Ordering online is our preferred method of purchase due to the current COVID climate. Please use the Quickcliq link below to set up an account. If you have already set up an online canteen account, please use the same login.

Ordering Via the Office

To view uniform prices or order uniforms via the school office, choose the relevant uniform order form below, print off and send in with the appropriate payment. The form can also be emailed directly to the uniform shop with credit card details.

Kindergarten Uniform Order
Summer Uniform Order
Winter Uniform Order


Visiting the Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open on Wednesday mormings between 8.00am and 9.00am.

All items will be accepted for exchange as long as:

  • They are still in their packaging and tags are still attached.
  • Items have not been washed or named.

When your order has been completed it will be sent home with your child.

If you have any uniform queries please feel free to email me at: or you can ring the school and speak to me on Wednesdays between 9.00-10.00am.

Many thanks
Gabrielle Murphy
Uniform Shop Coordinator

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Please be aware that St Anthony's School utilises CCTV for security purposes.