7 principles of government

Alyssa weaver and yi-siu wang

checks and balances

checks and balances are each branch of government that can exercise checks ,or can control over other balances .each branch helps each other to see if they are working together fairly in the constitution . this is like if you were in a group working on some thing you. have to work together

limited government

limited government in the american government everyone ,citizen,and powerful leaders are alike ,but they must obey the law.article 1,section 9 lists the powers denied to the congress. article 1,section 10 forbids the states to take certain actions . this is like a school where students are citizens, teachers are leaders , and principles are president they all cant cross a line.

individual rights

individual rights is the personal liberties and privileges the people get so that the government cannot control what people say or write . the first 10 amendments to the constitution shield people from overly powerful government . this is like when your parents cant control everything you say or write down .