Techie Tidbits

Term 4 Week 1-2

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope you had a chance to check out some of the sites and tools featured in previous Techie Tidbits over the holidays so you can add some 21st century learning into your program this term.

Not sure what Wiki, KiK, VoIP mean?

The DEC has a great dictionary of terms, meant for parents, but so useful for us too.

Click the link below.


I stumbled upon this mapping tool that allows you to draw, add text, images, Youtube links to a map. The map is a little like Google Earth. You can search for locations, zoom in and out, etc.

It is more suited for S2-S3 however has potential particularly in HSIE e.g. tracing the exploration of the Blue Mountains, even tracing the travel movements and sites visited on an excursion.

I have included a link to a teachers notes from a Gold unit from TALE that gives hints on using the program and what they have asked S3 students to do.

This is a super cute site that allows your to create your own picture book. It provides the pictures and some characters (animals) and you can write your own story. No login required. Won't work on iPad as it requires flash.

Great for ES1 & S1

This is great for S2 and S3. Go to this site, enter a word (spelling, vocab from HSIE/Science) and the meaning of your word comes up but also linked meanings etc. When you hover on one of the coloured dots a definition comes up.

This is a picture on what you see when you search for the meaning of "gold".

Big image


Are you finding it difficult to keep track of all these sites and ideas??

Get organised! There are so many sites dedicated to organising ideas and information, you just need to find one that suits you.

I have previously shared the links for Pinterest, CURLS and Livebinders. Here is another one called

Not only are these great for storing your own links, they are a fabulous source of information when you are scouring the web for new links for whatever you are doing in class.

Also don't forget to create a folder in your emails, where you can put all those emails with links to websites in them. That way, when you think "I'm sure someone sent me a link to that site" you go straight to your folder of Technology Links and there it should be.

Want to store files you use regularly online? Or perhaps even your photos? Try these....

Microsoft's OneDrive offers the best storage for free 7GB.