European Baroque


Popular flowers that were commonly used during the 1600's

Early in the 1600's, there was used as such as Iris, Marigold, Lily, Peony, Canna, Marcissus, Holyhock, and roses.

Types of floral design

Early baroque styles were symmetrical but later baroque arrangements became more asymmetrical.
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What occasions were flowers used for

Flowers were used for artist works of this period, accessories were often incorporated.
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What accessories were flowers used for

They were used for bracelets, head pieces, necklaces, and weeding accessories.
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What was the importance of flowers during the 1600's

The overall importance was to have a great hair peace or something pretty to wear for your weeding.
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Types of containers that were used

Early in the 1600's they style arrangements were symmetrical, oval-shaped, and characterized.