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Things are looking up! The polar vortex is behind us, the sun is shining as I write this, and Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning so an early spring is surely on its way. One can only hope! Despite the short week, we enjoyed Global Read Aloud Day, working on character traits, and our January HOOT lunch. Congratulations to these HOOT winners who went above and beyond. We are so proud of you...hoot, hoot, hooray!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Becky & Erin

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Raising overcomers: How to teach your kids to do hard things

The 5th grade banners are up and we are about to take the annual 5th grade picture. As we think about all of our students and our 5th graders heading off to middle school, in particular, the article below is a great reminder of how we can avoid being helicopter/lawnmower parents and instead help our children to grow in their ability to overcome.

Video of the Week - OMS/AHML Kindness Notes 1.0

Owls for Others! Our kindness notes project has really taken off! Starting with our very own Glasstetter family, just about every day since we dropped off the notes at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library we have received tweets and emails from patrons that found our notes in their books. Check out their notes of appreciation and a picture slideshow below! Way to spread kindness, OMS Owls!

Last night we found a special surprise in our book before bed! Nick was so excited to share the story of how the hearts got into the books. What a great idea! ️Thank you! Jeannie Glasstetter

Received your Kindness Note today! Thank you for brightening my day, on this cold and cloudy Winter afternoon. Enjoying reading the book even more.

Hi! My son, John, found a kindness note in one of the books at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Thanks, Tracy Falconer

This was great!

Hello, My daughter and I found one of your kindness notes as we were reading books before bed the other night. Thank you very much for your nice picture and thoughtful project! Maryjane Bellock and Poppy Hall

We wanted to say thanks for the kindness note, what a great idea!! Sincerely, Leo Loquercio

What a lovely surprise to have fall out of my book today! January is an especially difficult month for me and this brightened my day immensely!

Look what we found reading on a snowy day! Luke got your kindness note!

Xander loved finding this drawing during bedtime storytime tonight! Thank you!

Hello, I found this wonderful surprise today while reading my book. Let me tell you it brought the biggest smile to my face and joy to my heart! I will be sure to pay it forward. Thank-you, Nancy Kudos to the amazing artist!!!

Thanks for the sweet note - my husband found this in his library book today. ️ Lizzie Plant

Found this in our movie from the library – adorable! Best, Kristin Zanini

We loved it! At first we thought someone just left a bookmark in the book and then we read a note on the back about the project. I love the spirit of it! My daughter will be going to Olive next year as a first grader and I am happy she will be in such a kind environment Nice surprise!

Spending time on a cold snowy morning (I believe it was a ’snow day’ for you) snuggled in with a fresh cup of coffee, enjoying a Christmas book that finally showed up on my ‘hold’ list at the library. And part way through the book a warm little wish tumbled out.

What a sweet idea. I will tuck it back in so the next person can enjoy the wish too. Thank you for this project of kindness. Marilyn Hermann

OMS alumni find a Happiness note at the library :)

Staff Shout Out - Mrs. Mack, Food Service

Jake and Grace get the scoop from Mrs. Mack who works in our Food Service Department.
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