Andrew Jackson is certainly

Explanation for this picture!

This Political Cartoon explains how Andrew Jackson runs his presidency perfectly! He was a liar and never did anything thing good. Well he probably did but when he did do something good it was very rare.

Why isn't Jackson a hero?

Jackson is nothing special to me because of all the pain and the hurt he caused. He Loves to help the side that is only beneficial to him. Jackson has no heart and decided to through the Indians out of their home land. He also thinks that poor people need to have money.They certainly do need money. Yes he was doing the right thing but that doesn't mean you give ALL the money to them. The list of terrible things that he has done can go on and on and on but there is on more thing i would like to address. I guess he really didn't like south Carolina because even they didn't want to be apart of the country anymore! Please read on to learn more and the terrible things that he has done!

Made by : Cameron Brooks