Comfort Wheel

Luke Miller and Bailey Pribyl

Our Company

Comfort Wheel, an idea we chose to make into a company: a battery powered heated steering wheel cover for an affordable price. This is the first battery powered heated steering wheel cover and would create a new niche in the industry attracting new customers. Our plan is as follows:

- Get into major retailers such as AutoZone, Target, Wal-Mart

- Get a patent to stop imitators

- Target people who live in cold environments with long winters


At comfort Wheel, we make a battery-powered heated steering wheel cover that revolutionizes the market. It has never been done before, and would make a huge splash in the market for its sleek design and affordability. Crucial to our success is to hire an educated and determined workforce. Our main sales will come through our website, but if we get into Wal-Mart, Target and AutoZone sales will flourish. We will educate people about our product by promotion online and short commercials. We believe we can make this company the top in the industry and make Comfort Wheel a name brand.