Wind Belts

Prevailing Winds and Global Winds

Definition of weather phenomenon:

 Prevailing winds are winds that blow predominantly from a single general direction over a particular point on erths surface. Global winds are the surface winds of each hemisphere that are divided into three wind belts.Examples: - Doldrums-Trade Winds-Horse Latitudes-Prevailing Westerlies-Polar Easterlies 

Causes of the Weather Phenomenon

Sea breezes and land breezes are important factors in a locations prevailing winds. The unequal heating of the earths surface and rotation of the earth has a great effect on the way these wind belts move and in what directions. The general circulation of wind arises from the global redistribution of heat from warm low latitudes to cold high latitudes.  

Effects of the phenomenon

 The effects of wind belts are the high and low pressure systems.

Locations of weather phenomenon are evident:

at every 30 degrees latitudes: 1.doldrums- recieves most heat from sun; between 5 degrees north and south latitudes 2. trade winds- area extending past the doldrums to as far as 0-30 degrees north and south latitudes latitudes- a wind belt that forms at about 30 degrees north and south between the trade winds and prevailing westerlies 4.prevailing westerlies- extend about 30-60 degrees north and south from horse latitudes 5.polar easterlies- reach 60-90 degrees north and south latitudes

How wind belts relate to or affect Virginia Beach ?

Virginia Beach is at the 36 degree North latitude causing prevailing westerlies for our area. This affects us because the prevailing westerlies cause a marine climate for us. A marine climate means that an area heats up and cools down slowly. This means that we have "longer seasons".


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