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A Guide to Professional Development and ProGOE Usage

Welcome to the ProGOE Press - Edition 2 December

This quarterly newsletter will be sent to School Site Inservice Representatives and ESF Course Creators to provide support for using ProGOE, storage and handling of professional development records, and other issues that can impede the accuracy of our transcript system. The newsletter will contain tips for SIRs and ESF Staff, as well as video tutorials and other helpful information.

How can I find the Professional Learning Catalog?

Did you know there is a new name for the Master Inservice Plan? The Professional Learning Catalog is now the name of the document where all of our inservice components are housed. In the coming months the template for creating components will be changed by the state of Florida. Additional updates will be provided once the template has been approved. If you are looking for the Professional Learning Catalog on our website, please click here to go directly to the page. It is located on our district website under DEPARTMENTS AND PROGRAM > PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/INSERVICE INFORMATION > INSERVICE/PROGOE RESOURCES.

Best Practices for Marking Credits on your inservice rosters.

At the completion of an in-service, it is important to mark your paper records and make notes on the sign in sheet to have a record of who received credit and if someone did not, what was the reason. Please see the sample below. Those who were marked with the total number of credits with a circle around it, were those who completed both the in-service and the follow up. These individuals received points for their in-service. Those marked with a zero did not receive points. There are only two reasons a person does not receive credit. They either did not complete the training (no show, didn't come to all of the sessions) or they did not complete the follow up assignment. In either case it is important to mark the sign in sheet with notes. There have been many occasions when teachers have had questions about why they may not have received points for a workshop. The more explicit you are with your notes, the easier it will be to explain why they may not have received points.
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ProGOE Training/Refresh Your Skills

ProGOE Training for ESF Staff

Monday, Dec. 9th, 12:30-3:30pm

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This is an initial training for Resource Teachers, Directors, Administrative Assistants, and other professionals working at ESF. Those who have already been trained may also sign up for the course as a refresher.

ProGOE Section# 402904

ProGOE Training for School Site Inservice Representatives

Monday, Dec. 9th, 8:30-10:30am

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This training is for school site inservice representatives (those at the school sites setting up inservice in the ProGOE system). Individuals already trained may choose to sign up for this training as a refresher.

ProGOE Section# 403468

How to Find Your Credits for Renewal (Watch this short video)

Finding credits on your transcript

ProGOE Rosters - Never Remove a Participant

Although ProGOE provides users with an option to "Remove from the Roster" this is an option we rarely ever use. It would appear logical to remove someone if you know they will not be attending your course, however the BEST OPTION is to place them on the roster as REQUESTED WITHDRAWAL once the course has started. If someone withdraws themselves prior to the start of the course, that is perfectly fine, but once a course begins it is ALWAYS BEST to keep that person on your roster. You may be surprised to know we assist teachers, annually, with transcript questions dating back 5 years or more. The more information we have on the roster the better. Instructors should make any notes on the original rosters. If a participant did not show up for the inservice then feel free to mark them as a NO SHOW, NO CREDIT and adjust their credits to ZERO. If they contacted the inservice facilitator prior to or right after the inservice, the facilitator should record them as REQUESTED WITHDRAWAL.

Best Practices for Planning and Implementing Professional Development

The state of Florida has recently revised the domains and standards for professional learning systems. Each one of our schools in an intricate part of the professional development system within Brevard Public Schools. Providing teachers with an opportunity for authentic professional development expereinces and the monitoring and evaluating of that learning is a key factor in showing the impact professional development is making on student achievement. Below you will find some basic guidelines for professional development in BPS.

    • Must be at least 2 hours long (this can include a series of inservice on early release)
    • Must have a ProGOE sign in sheet for all those in attendance
    • Must have learning objectives for participants based on the Professional Learning Catalog, and a Follow-up/Implementation product

    • Must evaluate their learning on the learning objective for each meeting

    Please click the link above to review the new Florida Standards for Professional Learning.


    Did you know we are required to keep copies of our PD records for 5 years? Not all records are stored in the professional development/human resources office. Schools maintain and store their records when they plan and implement PD at the school level. Those working at ESF should store their records within their department, with only a few exceptions. Shortly, the Office of Professional Learning and Development will be sending out a memo in the LTP outlining those who are to send their records to our office.

    OOPS! I forgot to create my section for a school based PD before we met, what can I do?

    One of the most important record keeping documents for professional development is having a signed roster of participants. Even if you are initially using a homemade roster, you must have teacher name, employee ID number, school location, and a signature from the teacher (in blue ink). The only exception to this rule is our Blackboard online learning courses.

    School based inservice site reps, you can still propose the section with the correct date, however to receive approval we will need to see a copy of your sign in sheet. Once we have confirmed participants were present, we will approve the section.

    ESF personnel can create the course directly into ProGOE and add participants.