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The Basics

Oman is located in southwest Asia, on the southeastern quarter of the Arabian Peninsula. The weather in Oman is very hot and dry. It is located in a desert climate known as the Sharqiya Desert. It rains between only .8 and 3.9 inches every year. One physical feature of Oman is its 1,300 miles of coastline. The highest point of Oman is atop the Jabal Shams (Mountain of the Sun) which is 9,800 feet above sea level.

How to Fit in

The languages spoken in Oman include Omani Arabic, English, and Urdu. Some folkways of Oman are the gowns they dress in, the religion they follow very seriously, the spicy foods they eat, and the important symbol of the Dhow. Taboos in Oman consist of certain hand gestures, raising your voice, and dressing inappropriately.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

In Oman, the subcultures reflect those of medieval societies. Two of the subcultures include the wealthy people, like the ones involved in the oil industry, and the middle class. Evidence that the culture is changing came in the 1970's with the discovery of oil, which took place under the enlightened new leadership.
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