Neoclassical Architecture

The Monticello

The Monticello is a neoclassical primary plantation designed by President Thomas Jefferson who began designing and building it on the land inheriting it from his father. It's purposed varied among specialized functions, tobacco and plant breeding, gardening, etc.

Overall it was used by Jefferson using slaves for an extensive cultivation of tobacco and mixed crops.

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Located near Charlottesville, Virginia

Neoclassical Architectural takes more of a "classical style." Neo means new and neoclassical means that it is a new, revival, or classical style.

Unique Features

The Grove

  • Jefferson designed the Monticello Grove to be an ornamental forest where he and his guests could visit his "pet trees."

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The Roundabouts

  • The Roundabouts encircled the Monticello Mountain and, with connecting roads, created an easier approach to the top.
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