Lead Killing the Environment

By: Maxwell Smith

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Lead has been a problem every since it started to be used is houses in early 1900s. Lead has been proven to have harmful effects of the soil, plants, animals, and micro-organisms. Lead was legal in the United States until 1978. It is predicted that 3/4 of the houses built before 1978 have lead, witch makes the concern for the environment. Soil gets effected from lead by getting mixed in with lead were plant roots grow to create the problem for the plant or micro- organism that sucks the lead up. Lead effects plants in the way of the pores in a plant's leaves let in carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis and emit oxygen. Lead positioning reduces the amount of light that can get to the plant, which cuts the photosynthesis produce up to half. It ends up killing the plant. lead can kill micro- organism that are near roads due to lead being worn' en off the yellow strip lines, this leads to nor-mus types of bacteria and fungi dieing near the road side. In conclusion, Lead can hurt the environment in many different ways.


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