The spending of money you don't have.

All about credit

Section 1:

Credit is the ability to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future: "unlimited credit". There are many different types of credit such as general loans and personal loans on things from the bank or lenders and credit cards. Although it is nice to borrow money you don't have, you may end up having cost such as interest when you pay back the money. When someone gives you credit they ultimately see if you are creditworthy by looking at you credit report from the credit bureau to see your credit score. You either get the credit or you do not.


Section 2:


a written order directing a bank to pay money, minute cashed comes out of your account.

check register:

most recent and a journal to record your bank transaction of money your spending and putting in your account


signing a document for legal transfer and of a negotiable from one party to another

Section 3:

A credit card is a way to pay things with intention of paying it later. You can use credit cards wherever they accept them. Keep in mind you do have a credit limit and there are over the limit fees. If you do not pay what you charged at the end of the month there is penalty fees. When you are looking to sign up for a card you need to be aware of the interest rate, you don't want to get into something you can afford. The benefits of using a card is getting things when you need them and paying it later when you can afford it but there are annual fees when using one.

Section 4:

Although there are many scams and ways to get screwed over, there also many things you can do to watch out for yourself. One very important and smart thing to do is keeping tin foil wrapped around your car so that no one can scan it when they pass you if they have a scanner. You also should always shop online with a secured internet such as (https) the S stands for secure, if it is an unlocked WiFi do not use for shopping or personal information. One more important issue is do not leave your personals such as credit cards or social security cards just anywhere. Keep your social locked up somewhere very safe and share it with no one unless absolutely needed.

Andrea Heckler Hernandez P.3