Geothermal Energy

and why it should be used at Pinkerton Academy

Why renewable energy?

The reason I am writing this proposal is because I believe that using a renewable energy source at Pinkerton Academy would greatly benefit the staff, the students, the school, even the town of Derry and its surrounding towns. Renewable energy has many benefits that pay off to those who use it. First of all, its environmental impact is much lower than that of conventional energy technologies. These sources, oil, gas, and coal, are usually fossil fuel. The use of these leads to increased emissions of greenhouse gases (gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and ultimately do harm) and pollute water and soil in the process. Keeping in mind that natural resources are limited and are necessary for survival, we must do everything we possibly can to limit the amount of damage we cause the environment.
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A place geothermal energy can be taken from

An overview of the plan.

Geothermal energy is heat collected from within the earth. It can be recovered as steam or hot water, and can heat buildings or produce electricity. This system is three to four times more efficient than the most efficient conventional system. Some amazing things about this energy source is that it has low emission levels, is obviously energy efficient and cost effective, and there is no actual fuel needed. It has the smallest "land footprint" and an abundant supply is available. A few not so good things about this source is that it can be location specific and only sustainable if properly managed. Also, the initial costs are a bit high. Ultimately, the costs pay off an are completely worth it in the end. A company that provides the means to use geothermal heating and electricity is located in Hampstead, New Hampshire, so it is possible that we can have access to it. Although it is a bit pricey, it is possible that we can have a fundraiser to collect the money for it. Also, it doesn't need to be done right away, so it's not urgent that we pay for it and start the process right at this moment. What we would be installing is a heat pump. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these pumps are the most energy efficient and cost effective systems that can be used in all types of buildings, schools included. These would provide both heat and electricity.
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Geothermal energy chain.

Take action.

Geothermal energy is renewable, beneficial for the environment, is energy efficient, has a plentiful supply, and has no physical fuel involved. Although the costs initially are a bit high, they definitely pay off in the end and if handled right, can work amazingly in buildings. Over twenty countries in the world, including the United States, are beginning to use this energy source, and most are starting to expand their use of it because of the results it's given. If we start right now and raise the money, in the next couple years we could have a system installed, which generally takes two or three days.

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