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Irish Slang:

Although in Ireland they speak in English just like us their dialect is different from ours so you might not full understand them. Here are some Irish sayings:

Acting the Maggot: He was Acting the maggot as usual: Acting very BAD

Eat the Head of: I will eat the head of her: To attack with words

Giving out: The teacher is always giving out to the class: To scold


Like the rest of the EU(except for England) Ireland uses the Euro. So you can use the same currency in Ireland as the rest of Europe(except for England) which is great for a long vacation throughout Europe. The conversion rate is at about 1 U.S. dollar=0.77 Euros.


Ireland is a republic, parliamentary democracy. This is very similar to us because there are the three branches of government although they have a prime minister. Their chief of state is similar to a president except for some few minor differences and the current the current chief of state of Ireland is Micheal D. Higgens.

Interesting Facts

Although Ireland is a small country, there are plenty of things to do there and many interesting things about it. There are beautiful seas, beaches, and cathedrals all throughout Ireland and you will never run out of things to do. Did you know that the Irish consume the second most beer in the world, also Halloween started in Ireland. Also in Ireland soccer is a very popular sport, and they have their own national soccer team?

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