Drug testing in schools

Should students be drug tested in school?

If teens are doing drugs, we need to do stuff about it!

"Anything we can do to make a student think twice, I'm all for" -Bill Slayton. Students now a days are doing drugs, when they shouldnt be. Drugs are killing machines and are illegal for recreational use in most states, Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and the District of Columbia. As the years pass drugs are going to start to be legal unless we make a stop. The top drug for teen use is maijunia, an illegal drug in 46 states besides for medical use in some states. Their are ways to stop drug use by teens, here's 3.

reason 1. the effectiveness of drug tests needs to increase

Is drug testing effective to students? Drug testing is very effective but won't fix all drug problems. More drug tests the better for students because they need an education on how bad drugs are. The increase on drug testing decreases the drug use amount in teens. If students learn the affect of drug testing and are scared of drugs, then the amount of teens doing drugs will decrease. If they test postitive on a drug test they should know the consequences of them doing drugs, and the consequences will need to be high to help stop the problem. Drug testing isn't as effective as it needs to be. But if we follow every rule we can make it stop.

Try and stop drugs in teens lives!

reason 2. Consequences should be made for those who test positive

Should their be consequences for those who test positive on a drug test? And if so what are they? If kids are drug tested and test positive consequences will decrease the amount of drugs used in teens. The purpose of drug testing is not to punish kids, but to stop them. Those who aren't addicted to the drug they tested positive on, should have follow up testing. Those who are to the point of addiction should get treatment from a doctor. A lot of drugs are illegal, and people go to jail for having them, I think jail would definitely teach kids to not do drugs. No more than a year should teens spend in jail for drugs unless they have more than 2 drugs under possession. These are my consequences that need to be in place and maybe more.

reason 3. their are a lot of students who do drugs

how many students actually do drugs? 40% of 12th graders have used drugs in the last year. the drug most used is marijuana. only 22.7% of seniors saw that theirs a high risk in smoking and doing drugs. which has lowered in the past year. students should not be doing drugs. neither should anyone else but students are to young to ruin they're life. students all around us do drugs. it shouldn't be happening.


What can we do to make this stop? well for one we shouldn't do drugs. we need drug testing in schools. if you have a friend that you know does drugs talk to them and tell them why they shouldn't and their causes. drugs are illegal and you can definitely get caught. drugs make you do things you wish you didn't. so should their be drug tests in schools? yes, drug tests teach teens to stop and to think. "Anything we can do to make students think twice, I'm all for."