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37 Years in New London County – Dr. William Colom

Stonington Resident – Dr. William Colom

Dr. William Colom makes his home in Stonington, Connecticut, where he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. Dr. William Colom has been serving patients in southeastern Connecticut for 37 years. Dr. William Colom is a senior staff member at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. Dr. William Colom practices medicine at Southeastern CT Medical Associates, where he is also President. He looks forward to continuing serving patients in southeastern Connecticut for many years to come.

Dr. William Colom Loves to Stargaze

How many times did you gaze up in the sky as a child? Did you ever make a wish on the first star you saw, or on a shooting star? Do you ever pause to examine the night sky now? For millennia, humans all over the world have looked up at the sky with wonder and amazement. The stars held many mysteries, and over time, people developed theories and stories about what the stars were. Modern astronomers and astronauts have uncovered many amazing facts about the stars – many of which would seem impossible to star gazers a mere hundred years ago. With his own avid pursuits as an amateur astronomer, Dr. William Colom carries on humankind’s interest in the stars today.

Dr. William Colom loves to stargaze. He has been doing so most of his life – since the 6th grade, in fact. Many young people lack the patience for astronomy, but even as a very young person, Dr. William Colom was fascinated by the art and practice. In his lifetime, he has observed the night skies with binoculars, telescopes, and his unassisted eyes. Dr. William Colom encourages anyone to pursue an interest in astronomy, a hobby that is both scientific and meditative. Amateur astronomers also cultivate an appreciation for beauty and wonder.

Dr. William Colom has many hobbies, only one of which is astronomy. Because of his interest and experience observing and studying stars and planets through his telescope, he is proud to call himself an amateur astronomer. Amateurs like him have frequently contributed to the field of astronomy – you do not need the most advanced equipment to make a contribution. When an asteroid came close to hitting the earth in 2012, the asteroid was not discovered by professional astronomers, but by amateur astronomers in Spain.

Dr. William Colom observes for enjoyment. It is one of his many interests. Other hobbies of Dr. William Colom include bicycling, listening to music, history, genealogy, cooking, and wine. Dr. William Colom also enjoys automotive racing. In the past, he raced cars himself.

Former Race Driver Dr. William Colom

People do not typically assume that their medical professionals will have an active interest in racing – to be fair, it is an unusual combination of interests. For patients of Dr. William Colom, however, that is exactly the kind of physician they have. Dr. William Colom, who has been practicing Internal Medicine in New London County for over 37 years, is an avid fan of race car driving. In his more than 37 years practicing Internal Medicine, he has built a reputation among his peers for his skills as an accurate diagnostician, but he has never lost his love of race car driving.

Outside of his interest in Internal Medicine, which is his medical specialty, Dr. William Colom has always had an interest in automotive racing. As an individual who often pursues his interests, it was natural for Dr. William Colom to begin racing cars. He attended the Skip Barber Racing School, where he learned and practiced the fundamentals of race car driving. The Skip Barber Racing School has multiple locations and teaches essential driving skills. Anyone who dreams of becoming a racer would do well to follow Dr. William Colom’s example and attend the Skip Barber Racing School.

Dr. William Colom has spent plenty of time behind the wheel. With experience as an amateur race car driver, it was only logical that he would combine his interest with his professional skills. He became the Regional Medical Director for the Sports Car Club of America, a position he held for 10 years.

Dr. William Colom does not drive race cars at this time, though he still possesses the knowledge, confidence, and skill to do so. Instead, Dr. William Colom is satisfied to sit back and watch the sport as a spectator. He still loves racing, but now without the dangers, or the expense!

Dr. William Colom Loves Being Sports Spectator

Dr. William Colom has many interests and hobbies, and among his many interests is a love for automobile racing. Millions of people are drawn to the race track every year. Even those who cannot visit a track may listen to races on either the television or the radio. Dr. William Colom is one of millions of fans who watch the races regularly.

Dr. William Colom’s love for racing was established early in his life. Even though he was focused on his medical career as a specialist in Internal Medicine, Dr. William Colom also pursued his interest in race car driving. Dr. William Colom attended sessions at the Skip Barber Racing School. The Skip Barber Racing School is one of the largest racing schools in the world. As a person interested in becoming a racer, Dr. William Colom knew such a racing school experience would teach him the skills he would need for defensive and high performance racing.

For a time, Dr. William Colom drove as an amateur sports car racer. He loved racing for many reasons, including the ability to outperform other drivers, and the ability to test his skills at speed. Dr. William Colom did not pursue a professional career as a sports car racer because his focus was on his medical career, but he never lost his affection for and devotion to sports car racing.

Dr. William Colom loves automotive racing but he does not drive race cars now. Instead of driving a race car, Dr. William Colom enjoys the sport from the stands, watching races whenever he can. He delights in being a sports spectator. Even though he no longer races, Dr. William Colom still attends racing schools on a regular basis to maintain his skills. Dr. William Colom remembers how he felt in that race car; the thrills, exhilaration, and energy.

How Learning a New Language Can Change Your Life: Dr. William Colom Shares His Thoughts

Dr. William Colom speaks fluent Spanish in addition to English. Dr. William Colom encourages everyone to consider learning a new language. Not only does speaking another language allow you to connect with more people, but it can also encourage you to continue learning about other people and their cultures.

Dr. William Colom says learning a new language can be an enriching experience both personally and professionally – especially if you are in the healthcare profession, or any other profession that involves helping people. Dr William Colom says that learning to speak Spanish has opened a range of doors to new experiences for him. Speaking Spanish has helped him to help a wider range of people, which has been incredibly fulfilling. A language barrier in medicine can be difficult to overcome and can make it harder to help patients. Dr. William Colom is glad that he can better help Spanish-speaking patients by allowing them to describe their ailments in the language in which they are most well versed.

Dr William Colom would definitely encourage those thinking about taking up a new language to do it; in his experience, becoming bilingual has been well worth the effort. Dr. William Colom’s ability to speak two languages helps him reach out to more patients and also helps Spanish-speaking patients feel more confident in the care they receive through Dr. William Colom and his office.

There are many other benefits to learning a second language. Dr. William Colom feels that second languages create an insight into a different culture, as there are words in some languages which have no English equivalent. He also knows there are other benefits, including gaining respect within your community. When people learn than an individual is fluent in more than one language, their perception of the individual’s sophistication and breadth of knowledge increases dramatically.

Leading a Balanced Life: Why Dr. William Colom Makes It a Priority

As a physician, Dr. William Colom could easily get lost in helping patients at work. Between his work, hobbies, and family, Dr. William Colom has many obligations. Dr. William Colom has learned that balancing his responsibilities and obligations are important to success in every aspect of life. Dr. William Colom has always made balance a priority in his life.

Dr. William Colom encourages people to be active outside of their careers. Recreational activities yield skill and traits that can be helpful to anyone’s career path. Time spent performing recreational activities is also good for people’s physical and mental health. When moments at work seem to overwhelm every moment of your life, recreational activities outside of work help people to relax, refocus, and live a little for themselves. Dr. William Colom sees his own hobbies as a way to refocus his mind and balance himself.

Many people consider their career to be the thing that allows them to buy things, or spend their free time in a certain way. Dr. William Colom says that he tries his best to consider his life as a whole. One of the ways in which Dr. William Colom achieves balance is by looking at every aspect of his life as a product of, and also a contributor to, the other parts. Concentrating on how each aspect of his life affects the others, and how they all affect his goals and wellbeing, is how Dr. William Colom is able to be most fulfilled. Dr. William Colom encourages others to adopt this mindset.

Dr. William Colom knows it is easy to become focused on one aspect of your life, or to focus on a goal so completely you forget your life is full of other things. Dr. William Colom hopes people look at themselves as more than just aspiring professionals or career driven individuals. He hopes that they see themselves as people with full lives, influenced by relationships and personal interests.

Getting Started in the Exciting World of Wine: Tips from Dr. William Colom

Dr. William Colom is a wine enthusiast. Many people are intimidated when it comes to wine. They are not sure of what they like, or how to tell the difference between things they might like and things they will not. Dr. William Colom encourages people not to be deterred by this initial insecurity. No one learns about wine overnight. Dr. William Colom offers some tips to beginners.

Do Not Start Too Big

As odd as it may seem, Dr. William Colom always suggests that people begin their journey with less expensive wines. While it might seem an odd piece of advice, it is a good way to gauge what you do and do not like without breaking the bank. If you taste a wine which you dislike because it is dry, even a $100 bottle of that wine style is probably not something you are going to enjoy. The dryness is a feature of the wine, not the result of its price. Learn what types and features of wine you like with less expensive wines before you start purchasing bottles that are more costly.

Use Your Resources

Many wine stores offer classes on wine for beginners, or have days and times where they offer tastings. Dr. William Colom encourages people to take advantage of these activities. These events give people a chance to learn what they do and do not like. You also learn to identify what flavors you prefer and those that you do not. When you are able to better understand and describe what you like or dislike, you will also be able to explore new types of wines.

Dr. William Colom encourages people to go out and get started exploring. It Is not as hard as it may seem. There are even great opportunities to try local or regional wines when you travel. Specialty wines can be found just about everywhere.

Tips for Beginning Cyclists from Dr. William Colom

Outside of work, Dr. William Colom is an avid cyclist. Dr. William Colom recommends cycling to anyone looking for a great low-impact activity in order to stay fit. While Dr. William Colom recommends cycling, it is easy for beginning cyclists to overdo it in the beginning. Dr. William Colom has a few tips to keep beginning cyclists continuing their journey for years to come.

Start Out Small

Anyone who is friends with a cyclist is probably aware that many of them have intense training regimens and can easily ride over 100 miles in a week. Dr. William Colom warns beginners about jumping into this type of routine right off the bat. Even those who are dedicated gym aficionados should begin with care. Cycling works a different set of muscles in a different set of ways, so expecting that type of endurance from your body immediately is not a good idea.

Do Some Research

Dr. William Colom also suggests that people speak with seasoned cyclists in their area. Local cyclists are bound to have some good information for getting started. Local cyclists can recommend good routes, as well as help get you involved with a club. If you do not know any cyclists, visit a local bike shop. Bike shops can be a good resource for finding groups and meeting fellow cyclists. Dr. William Colom says cycling magazines are excellent resources for everything from workouts to nutrition for those preparing to begin their cycling adventure.

Dr. William Colom would recommend cycling to anyone, but he encourages being smart about it. Make sure to take all the proper precautions in order to ensure that you do not accidentally hurt yourself while pursuing this new hobby. Most importantly, always wear a helmet and properly inflate your tires. Dr. William Colom knows that once you get started, you will not be able to stop!

Taking Care of Your Insides: Why Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. William Colom Says It Is Important

Dr. William Colom has been a specialist in Internal Medicine for 37 years. Internal Medicine deals with a wide range of issues and includes everything from geriatrics to sports medicine. Dr. William Colom says that many people wait for something to be obviously wrong before they think about doing anything to help their body. Dr. William Colom encourages his patients to take care of their bodies so that problems do not needlessly develop.

Dr. William Colom knows that people often do not take steps to live a healthy lifestyle until a problem arises. Dr. William Colom says that many people do not think about their health, especially young people, because an obvious problem does not exist and they do not foresee one in the future. For example: many people make fast food a staple in their diet. Because they are not gaining weight, people often do not realize the damage that they are causing their bodies. Dr. William Colom says that in your 20’s, your metabolism may be keeping the weight off; weight is not the only consequence of that type of diet. Dr. William Colom warns that while it can take years to clog your arteries with cholesterol plaque, that damage is not easily undone. It may not show up until a person is in their 40’s and 50’s, as the result of habits that they developed in their 20’s.

Dr. William Colom encourages people to think about their habits when they are thinking about their health. For example, athletes should be thinking about their calcium and protein intakes, as well as paying attention to bone and muscle pain to prevent a more serious problem in the future.

Dr. William Colom encourages people to take an active role in their health, and that means not only solving problems when they arise, but also working to prevent them.

Amateur Astronomer Dr. William Colom

Humans have spent centuries looking at the stars, often trying to understand their significance to the human race. Even though the magic and mystical quality has been somewhat lost to modern society, and the lights of modern cities have rendered stars much more difficult to see, there are individuals around the world who still are interested in gazing up in the night sky. Dr. William Colom is one of thousands who appreciates the beauty and mystery of the stars. He often goes outside on a clear night to gaze at the moon and beyond, with or without his binoculars and telescope.

Dr. William Colom has been interested in astronomy since 6th grade. When he took up astronomy as an interest, he built his own telescope so he could see further see into the night sky than he would unassisted. Through his telescope, Dr. William Colom has been able to see many things of great beauty and interest, and to cultivate his lifelong appreciation for stars.

Dr. William Colom enjoys a number of programs at local observatories, and encourages anyone with an interest in astronomy to seek out local observatories. At Dr. William Colom’s local observatories, there are daily programs as well as seasonal programs. Programs held at the observatories include exhibits, demonstrations, and observation sessions – all of which are worth exploring for the budding astronomer.

Dr. William Colom readily identifies himself as an amateur astronomer, which cannot be argued with – he has accrued vast amounts of knowledge, and spent vast amounts of time observing the night sky. He encourages people to take up astronomy as a hobby. Stargazing has a legacy as old as human civilization; countless ancient civilizations became masters of the stars. Dr. William Colom is happy to continue this tradition by stargazing with his telescope on clear nights.