Madison Sharp's Portfolio

All About Me

My name is Madison Nichole Copus Sharp. I am 14 and my birthday is March 16, 2001. I am from Highland, Arkansas. I am in the eighth grade at Highland Middle School. At Highland Middle School I play the French Horn in the Junior Band. I have two little brothers whose names are Liam who is 3 and Max who is 2.

Self-Esteem Quiz

My results of the Self-Esteem Quiz was a 61 out of 100.
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Attitude Results

For the attitude test I got of half and half positive and negative. Some days I have positive thoughts and some days I have negative thoughts.
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Career Aptitude Quiz

Below is a list of careers for the test I took. Many of the careers I got have to do with medical science.
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Learning Style Quiz

For my learning type I got Visual.Visual learners need to see things to remember them.
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Personality Type Quiz

For my personality type quiz I got INTJ. The I stands for Introvert, the N stands for iNuitive, the T stands for Thinking, and the J stands for Judging.
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Brain Quiz

For the brain quiz I got left-brained and some of the personality traits of that are rationality, logic, and creativity. I use logic and details to come to a conclusion.

I got.....

  • 63% Left-Brained
  • 37% Right Brained
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Attitude Color Quiz

For the attitude color quiz I got the color blue.
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Arkansas State University

City, ST: Jonesboro, AR

Total Cost: $5,610 per year

Enrollment: 13,415

Phone Number: (870) 972-2100


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K- Nav Career and Interest Assessment

My top three scores on each was Journalism and Broadcasting, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts.
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