Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch

mrs smily



Linda Hatch

John Hatch


Aunt Goldie



Grandpa Hatch

Grandma hatch

Problem and Solution

1.The problem was the tornado ripped apart dan's house. The solution was they went to there grandma's house.

2. The problem was after the tornado they didn't know where their parents were. The solution was that they went to find them.


The setting of the story is Grand Island, Nebraska. The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln. the state bird is the western medal hawk. Nebraska is bordered by south Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado.


First, there was a tornado warning Dan's mom went to see if Mrs. Smiley knew there was a tornado warning and the sirens cup going and then Dan went to see if Ryan was okay right when Dan got to Ryan's room the power was out he was struggling to get Ryan out of his bed Arthur had the flash light they rushed into the bathroom since they did not have a basement middle Stacey found Arthur and Dan they all walk outside to find Dan's mom they finally found Dan's mom they remembered about Mrs. Smiley's hearing aids so Dan,Arthur and Stacey they heard that everybody go to Kmart so Ryan and Dan's mom went to Kmart so Dan Arthur and Stacey went to see if Mrs. Smiley was okay. At the end, one year later luckily there grandma and grandpa's house was not destroyed by any of the tornadoes but to there sink was not working so to drink they had to drink pop for a long time.