Salk's Polio Vaccine Works!

Polio Cured For Good!

In 1955 the polio vaccine was discovered by Jonas Salk.

In 1954 the testing began on 1 million children (ages 6-9) who became known as the polio pioneers. by 1955 the vaccine was declared safe and effective.

Salk never patented the vaccine or earned any money from his discovery.

After they were discovered the vaccines were given all over America.

the United States invested approximately US dollars 35 billion dollars in polio vaccines in 1955-2005.

No laws came out of the polio vaccine specifically but there is a law about vaccinations that varies state to state.

The vaccine was invented to prevent polio and now because of the vaccine there is less than 200 cases in the U.S.

People are still vaccinated today

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What is Polio?

polio is a virus that causes paralysis (where you can't move) or even death. It spreads from person to person and attacks the brain and/or spinal cord, but don't worry, there are currently almost zero cases of polio in the u.s.