Hero Wanted


Neglect is a problem that I believe is prevalent in the world today. Neglect happens all the time in this world due to people's carelessness for themselves, others. Failing to care for people, animals or things. The world could be a better place if we could realize that people neglect each other like family, their animals and sometimes their beliefs.
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We need a hero ( characteristics)

- Saying it's not your problem doesn't make it any less your problem.

- Family, friends, their beliefs and the will to care for others.

- Someone who can care for the well being of others, stand up for those who are or have been neglected.

- A person who can influence others to do better, to realize what neglect is and where it happens and why it happens. Then teach them to make a change.

- Willing to take actions on finding those people or animals who have been neglected and actually taking action to do something about it, bringing awareness to neglect.