Performing Band Update

Week of August 29th

Band Parent Orientation Meeting

Thanks to all who were able to attend last week. Please turn in any forms this week that you may have taken home with you to finish.

If you were unable to attend, your child was given all of the paperwork on Friday, August 26th. Please ask them to give it to you so you can read, fill out, and return this week.

We will be sending out reminders later in the week to those that are missing things.

If you purchased a booster membership, we will be giving out the car decals by the end of this week or right after labor day. If you ordered a new band uniform shirt, they will be here before Sept. 20th.

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Sectional Schedules - Starting the Week of Aug. 29th

Please remember that students are graded in their sectional time so a parent must communicate with the director of their child's sectional if there are potential conflicts or is unable to attend due to illness. That way we can keep our gradebook up to date and let your child potentially make-up their sectional time if needed.

Varsity Band (3rd Period)

There are some exceptions to the rule and we have made accommodations for them. Please ask your child which one they are to attend. They were told last week.


4:10pm-5:00pm - Flute


7:20am- Athletes who don't fit into their normal sectional time

4:10-5:00pm - Sax, Oboe


7:20am- Trumpet

4:10pm-5:00pm - Clarinet


7:20am - Percussion (Mr. Gonzalez from MHS comes for this one.)

4:10-5:00pm- Tuba/Euphonium/Horn

Friday: 7:20am - Trombone

4:10-5:00pm - Percussion

Non-Varsity Band (7th Period)

Please ask your child which one they are to attend if you are unsure. They were told on Friday.

4:10-5:00pm in the Portable

Monday - Flutes

Tuesday - Clarinets, Saxophone

Wednesday - Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Thursday - Trumpet, Horn

Friday - Percussion

Fundraiser Has Started

Your child received all the information for the fundraiser on Friday during class. Below is the letter included in their packet of information. Remember that you do not have to participate. Those students who are using the fundraiser as a way to pay their band fees need to raise $80 in sales to make enough profit to pay their fees.

Fundraiser is due 9/8/22.

Practice Records and Chrombooks

Students will be given a home practice record on Monday. They will be turning those in on Mondays with a parent signature weekly. We are trying to build a culture of individual accountability for our band team.

Eventually they will also have some assignments to be recorded on their chromebook during class time. We will not be taking any chromebooks home this year.

Band Extravaganza

Our first major performance will be here before you know it. Please mark your calendars for September 20th. We will be selling tickets in the near future. I will be sending out more information as soon as I have it.
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