Kindergarten News

December 8, 2017

Conversation Starters

Talk with your child about what they know about the elderly.

Literacy Workstations

Writers Workshop

As Writers, we can include vowels when stretching out words. We know that all words have to have a vowel.

Brady and Luke are proud of their stories!

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Readers Workshop

As Readers, we can use our "super powers" to read stories.

Shared Reading

We can use the pictures and the first letter/initial sound to help us discover unknown words.
We have been using our Christmas carols for some of our Shared Reading lessons. Thank you to Samaj for helping us.
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Math Workshop

As Mathematicians, we can compose numbers through ten. We can write and draw equations composing numbers through ten.
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Social Scientists

As Social Scientists, we can share about the diversity related to elderly people. We can compare their past to the present.

As we are preparing for our field experience to the Lowman Home, our students are learning about and growing an appreciation of older adults.

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Kaylin is an Artist!

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Family Fun

We welcome all of our kindergarten friends and families to send in pictures of family fun. We will have your child share his/her pictures with our classmates on the SmartBoard. Sometimes, we might include the pictures in our weekly Smore newsletter.

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