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A Columbian Elementary Bulletin - 12.14.15

ELL Location Change

The modular unit where ELL meets will be without power next week. Workers must remove the power line for a crane to set walls for the safe room. We are needing to relocate ELL classes to the Flex Lab and Conference Room. Therefore, the flex lab and conference room will not be available next week.

Independent Reading: The Most Critical Lever

Over the past several decades, researchers have consistently found a strong relationship between the volume of students’ reading and their reading achievement. According to the National Reading Panel, “The importance of reading as an avenue to improved reading has been stressed by theorists, researchers, and practitioners alike, no matter what their perspectives. There are few other ideas as widely accepted than that reading is learned through reading.” Below you’ll find excerpts from some of the most widely cited reading research as well as recommended further reading.

  • The amount of time students spent in independent reading was the best predictor of reading achievement and also the best predictor of the amount of gain in reading achievement made by students between second and fifth grade.
  • Time engaged in reading during the reading period was significantly related to gains in students’ reading achievement. Because these findings emerged after controlling for prior reading achievement and after controlling for unreliability of the measure of prior reading achievement, we can argue that time spent reading in the classroom contributes significantly to growth in reading achievement.
  • The best predictor of reading achievement is the amount of time children spend reading books on their own.
  • Richard Allington, one of the foremost reading researchers believes that the research for increasing the volume of students’ reading is so strong that he contends, “If I were required to select a single aspect of the instructional environment to change, my first choice would be creating a schedule that supported dramatically increased quantities of reading during the school day.”

Our Focus at Columbian Elementary

- Step Up to Writing (Students need to write everyday)

- Goal Setting (quarterly goal setting)

- Grade Level/Dept. Meetings (collaborative culture)

- Student Growth (SLOs and goal setting and tracking)

- Teaching students on their level (not just grade level)

- Student Autonomy (self managed students)

- Tracking Progress (students self monitoring their own progress)

- Motor Lab (meeting sensory needs)

- Independent Reading time (develop stamina)

- Class Meetings/behavior lessons (behaviors must be taught)

Jan. 4th PD 9:45-11:30

RED, YELLOW, BLUE or WHITE -- Knowing more about the things that motivate us will help us work together better. It will be very exciting to learn more about ourselves and each other.
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Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, December 15: Furniture/Technology Requests due

Wednesday, December 16: Box Tops Pick-up Day

Thursday, December 17: 2 pm Christmas Parties

Friday, December 18: 9-9:45 am Kdg thru 2nd grade Sing-Along; 10-10:45 am 3rd/4th grade Sing-Along; Reset workroom copier; End of 2nd quarter; 1 pm Early Dismissal

Don't Forget!

- Furniture/Technology requests due Tuesday

- Parties and Sing-Alongs this week

- Remind students of early out on Friday

Looking Ahead

Monday, Jan. 4: No School, Teacher-In-Service Day

Friday, Jan. 8: 8:30 am 4th grade Fire Safety; 1:30 pm ROAR Assembly

Wednesday, Jan. 13: 1:30 pm Intruder Drill

Monday, Jan 18: No School

Wednesday, Jan. 20: Workroom copier reset

Tuesday, Jan. 26: Box Tops pick-up


December - 4 Kerry Catron; 12 Elaine Wurst; 31 Stephanie Zoromski