What is Matter?

What is the matter with matter?

Jacob, Hailey and Isaiah's Questions

Isaiah’s 1st question:

How do you make dry ice?

The answer to Isaiah’s 1st question:


Isaiah’s 2nd question:

How do plants get air?

The answer to Isaiah’s 3rd question:


Isaiah’s 3rd question:

What is a molecule?

The answer to Isaiah’s 3rd question:


Isaiah’s 4th question:

how does heat and water make steam?

The answer to Isaiah’s 4th question:


Jacob’s question:

what do you get when you mix gas and a liquid?

The answer to Jacob’s question:


Isaiah’s 5th question:

how do you take a shape?

The answer to Isaiah’s 5th question:


Bouyancy Lab

Sink or Float Experiment

On Monday we did a sink,float or both float and sink in water experiment. We used a few objects in the experiment,we used a pencil,paper clip,cotton ball,marble,crayon,and a rubber band. The cotton ball did both sink and float and the pencil floated.