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Week of January 18th - 22nd

Happy Friday!

I hope each of you has had a good week. Please enjoy your long weekend!

Custodial Update; Please be patient with Irene. We currently do not have a 11-3 custodian to support with midday trash/bathrooms/tables. She is working furiously to get it all done but if you can temporarily help, I know she will appreciate it! New custodian coming soon!

Coming soon:

Monday, Jan. 18 MLK Day! Sleep in!

Tuesday, Jan. 19 Webinar 3:30

Wednesday, Jan. 20 TL Mtg @ 3:30

Wednesday, Jan. 20 Pajama Day (Teachers and Students~Keep it Classy!)

Thursday, Jan. 21 SBIC @ 11:30 (719)

Upcoming January Birthday Girls:

Desiree Peterson 1/21

Suma Vazhavilla 1/21

Marta Brewer 1/23

Laura Johnson 1/24

Megan Fogarty 1/25

Maria Elena Resendiz 1/26

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Thanks to Debbie Reeves for making the Food 4 Kids deliveries and helping me with a million other tasks. I also appreciate Gaylon, Debbie, Coleen, Karina, Sonia and our lunch/learn trainings for helping with the College Week displays and my technological challenges. I appreciate our wonderful Beaty staff for helping the students learn and have lots of fun during our College/Career Week. Thanks to all who shared photos with me. ~ Jan

  • Great job Megan on your first webinar! Beaty superstar!
  • Thanks to Cindy Kellogg for donating rolling pins to the motor lab. The kids are loving them! ~ Gerry
  • Thanks to Lipi, Phyllis and Sandra for working so hard to keep our classroom running smoothly! You all are the best! ~ Sydney
  • Thank to our amazing counselor, Jan for all her prep and planning for college week. You made it very meaningful for our young ones!
  • To Sandra Tamayo: I know you do not like me bragging about the wonderful job you do in our classroom but I have to! I am deeply grateful for your help, commitment and support during these years working together. You always go above and beyond to meet our student’s needs! I am blessed to work with you! – Isabel Marquez
  • Thank you Elena for arranging the Firemen visit and all the great programs to come present to our students. They benefit greatly from your dedication!
  • Loving the happy notes that Shauna has posted around the workroom and hallways!~ Gerry
  • Lorie-Thanks for doing a great job in our classroom! Keep up the good work! ~Coleen